Good to Know

Welcome to Pälkäne!

The beautiful rural town of Pälkäne is located approximately 30 minutes east of Tampere and 90 minutes north of Helsinki in the Pirkanmaa region. The views are dominated by large lakes, farms and woodlands. The vibrant landscape is full of lovely villages and lakeside cottages. During the summer you can relax and enjoy the welcoming lake beaches and country walks. Then marvel at the frozen brilliance of the countryside around you during winter.

Tourist information about Pälkäne and the surrounding area can be found at:

  • Pälkäne council offices - Keskustie 1, 36600 Pälkäne - Monday-Friday, 9:00-15:00
  • Aapiskukko ("The Rooster") service station - Tervapirtintie 7, 36600 Pälkäne - open 24 hours
  • Nuijantalo, Pälkäne's Civic Hall - Onkkaalantie 102, 36600 Pälkäne - open daily, 11:00-18:00
  • Mikkolan Navetta craft workshops - Museotie 1, 36760 Luopioinen - Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00-15:00