Enjoy a trendy family getaway, an active trip, a nature holiday or a food and wine experience - it's all here in Pälkäne!

Perheloma Pälkäneellä

Have a trendy family vacation!

According to Lonely Planet, family holidays are increasing, and different generations are traveling together, strengthening their ties and creating memories.

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Aktiiviloma Pälkäneellä

Find a trendy activity holiday!

Travel trends are evolving, and active holiday options are increasingly available. On vacation, it's a good time to try new exercises and skills, have some fun, and challenge yourself! 

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Luontoloma Pälkäneellä

This is how to enjoy a nature getaway!

National parks, nature trails and historical areas draw people in who are keen to experience nature, as well as being mindful of the environment. Last year at ITB, the world's largest tourist fair in Berlin, peaceful retreats were shown to be the most important tourist trend. Indeed, for many travellers, silence is one of the greatest experiences of their stay.

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Viini- ja lähiruokamatksilu Pälkäneellä

Here's how to savor a trendy food and wine experience!

Trendy culinary tourism in summer 2018 means authentic local food, full of flavour, in a traditional setting. Trendy food and drink experiences can easily be found, because there is an unmatched supply of local food options throughout the area.

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Tourism trends and holiday get-togethers - Pälkäne is the trendiest summer destination!

Trendy holidaymakers are shifting away from big cities, and want to see a lot of things, moving from one to another, and combining experiences. The top global tourism trends of summer 2018, as listed by Momondo and Lonely Planet, include glamping, wine and food tourism, sustainable travel and self improvement. These combine perfectly in Pälkäne, fitting into the main tourist groups, namely families, active tourists, people interested in nature and those wishing to enjoy local food.

- "Bloggers fell in love with us last year, and now we are offering Finland as a summer tourist destination", says Jaana Koivisto, Development Director for Pälkäne.

Pälkäne caters to local travellers, offering easy access to Tampere, Hämeenlinna and Valkeakoski. Further afield is Lahti, about an hour to the east, and the capital of Helsinki is less than two hours to the south. With so many things in close proximity, every day can offer a new experience!  Read more >