Bloggers in Pälkäne

visitpälkä invited some bloggers to see Pälkäne in the summertime - read all about about their experiences!

Emmi Nuorgam PälkäneelläEmmi Nuorgam

"I took my summer vacation last year with little knowledge of Pälkäne, but the breathtaking views of the lakes and river, the blossoming flowers and the red cottages are the finest examples of what summer is all about in Finland... "

Read the full post (in Finnish) on Emmi's blog here



Asikaine Pälkäneellä


"Last week we made a small roadtrip on a sunny day from Tampere to the beautiful area of Pälkäne. Of course, our most exciting visit was the Syrjynen ostrich farm. I looked in wonder, and slight trepidation, at the great birds - they were so tall, extremely curious and even a little dinosaur-like, and their knees bent in an irrational direction..."

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Sari Särkijärvi

"We recently visited Pälkäne, halfway between Tampere and Hämeenlinna, in Pirkanmaa. Even though the temperature was only 15 degrees, the day was nice and full of new and surprising things.

We knew about Pälkäne before only because of visits to the Sappee ski resort, so it was a pleasure to spend the day there in the summer time - it's a lovely place..."

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